Monday, March 30, 2020

Google Explains How to Use Headings for SEO

Keywords in headings will not necessarily make you rank better. Headings are useful for communicating what the content is about. Heading tags are no longer ranking factors. But, heading elements remain important for communicating what a web page is about. It’s useful to look at the individual headings on a page but don’t get too dug down into details and variations. Find a way to make it easy for people and for scripts to understand the content and context of things on your pages.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Why Print Matters

Does print matter? Is print advertising dead? Do people still read magazines? Is print still relevant in the digital age? In today’s digital world it’s easy to assume print advertising is dead. But print matters. Print advertising is still alive and working. Printed media is staying afloat despite negative predictions and skepticism around it. Even more, in some industries, it remains the number one marketing platform. Print still bears a trust-value and quality that keeps it at the forefront.

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Monday, March 23, 2020

Brand Authority Is the Most Underrated Marketing Goal

Brand awareness is often recognized, but that’s the first step. Brand authority comes next and deserves more credit. Talking about building your overall brand authority still involves creating authoritative content written by authoritative people. But having this zoomed-out brand perspective allows you to strategize a little differently and recognize wins that are often ignored. A customer will nearly always choose a brand they’ve consistently seen as an authority over a brand that impressed them once.

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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Gardner Business Index Advances, Overshadowed by COVID-19 Concerns

February’s Gardner Business Index reported its first month of expanding business activity since July 2019. The seven-month contraction in business conditions was led lower by weak backlogs and export orders along with weakness in new orders and production. During the second half of 2019, both new orders and production activity registered four months of contracting business activity. In contrast, data collected during the early months of 2020 has indicated expanding activity in production, new orders, supplier deliveries and employment.

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Saturday, March 7, 2020

How Do You Effectively Optimize Your Website in a Tiny Niche?

When dealing with a small niche, branch out beyond keywords. You need to dominate the topics around your niche. Your brand needs to be associated with the broad subset of queries that are relevant to your product or service. You don’t need an arsenal of tools to successfully optimize your site for major search engines. The tools make it easier but most of the data is an estimate. It’s not about the volume, but about the bottom line.

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