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5 Tips for Building a Strong Brand Identity

What's in a name? Everything: A vibrant brand is what keeps a prospective customer interested long enough to view your offerings. Here are five tips for developing a strong brand identity.

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5 Tips for Building a Strong Brand Identity

Brand Salience, Positioning, and Meaning: Key Concept to Help Brands Stand Out from the Crowd

9 Web Design Trends That Will Change the Way You Interact Online This Year

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Download the results of Gardner Intelligence's annual Capital Spending Survey that includes forecasted spending on machine tools, testing equipment, software and more that are then projected across the metalworking industry based on plant size.

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Review results of  Gardner Intelligence's annual Media Usage in Manufacturing Survey including commentary on business-to-business marketing trends impacting companies tasked with marketing to today's industrial buyer.

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GR16_TrentReportbnnr_WorldMachine.jpg This is the 51th edition of an independent annual survey that collects statistics from machine-tool-producing countries and compares them in U.S. dollars.
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10-Yr Treasury Indicating Slower Growth in Durable Goods Spending The year-over-year change in the real 10-year Treasury rate increased significantly in February.
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Cutting Tool Orders Up 5.2% in January The trend in the GBI: Metalworking indicates that faster growth is ahead for cutting tool orders.
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January Machine Tool Orders Strongest in 20 Years Machine tool orders increased 28.5 percent compared with one year ago.
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