I’m A Puzzle Guy

Looking back, Mark Albert now recognizes that some of his most satisfying moments as an editor revolved around the puzzle-solving aspects of writing an article. Putting an article together was much like the process of solving a puzzle, assembling a model kit, figuring out how to make something work or fixing it if it didn’t.

Rewriting Landing Pages with a Pro Copywriter

Harry Dry, Founder of asked people on social media to “submit your company landing page” for a rewrite. He teamed up with Annie Maguire, one of the best copywriters in the business. Here you can view marketing examples of landing page rewrites that give insight into the mind of a pro copywriter.

Get Emotionally Smart and Meet Demands of Modern Marketing

Modern marketing involves far less whiskey guzzling and far more data and introspection. So let’s explore the emotions behind the journey and focus on steps to gain emotional intelligence and meet the demands of modern marketing.
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Securing Career at Gardner Business Media—A Dream Come True

Eduardo Tovar, Editor-in-Chief, Modern Machine Shop Mexico discusses his dream come true of securing a job at Gardner Business Media. After hard work visiting associations, suppliers and key contacts in Mexico, a good readership was built and three key employees in sales, marketing and audience development were hired. Today, the team has 18 employees and Modern Machine Shop Mexico is the top magazine in Mexico in the metalworking and manufacturing sector.

Web Content Best Practices: Publish High-Performance Articles

There are common traits that top-performing articles share. A great piece of digital content is assembled from many little elements, words, images, tags, media and formatting. These web content best practices are broken up into three separate lists: one for SEO, one for human psychology and one for additional media.

Best Practices in Plants with In-Plant Stories

From the very beginning Gardner has served manufacturing by writing about best practices with most feature articles written by Gardner editors. They write about success stories where companies are using technology to produce better quality parts at lower costs.

AI Can Revolutionize Your Content Marketing

AI is taking content marketing by storm allowing you to build smarter strategies with content that’s more personalized than ever before. AI can influence everything from your graphic design to your email marketing campaigns and provide real-time reporting on your content performance. Leveraging AI is the smart move - let’s see how it’s done.

Get the Most From Your Content Marketing Operations

You need to create content that informs and educates on the issues that are most important to your customers and aligns with the purpose of your brand. Technology can make content marketers more productive and accountable. But too often we overlook the old-school systems, processes, and resources to optimize our content marketing engine. Here are the five must-have, low-tech concepts you need to focus on in the rest of 2020 and beyond.

Embracing Career Change

After 16.3 years, Derek Korn had become Modern Machine Shop’s Executive Editor, Technical Director of the brand’s Top Shops benchmarking program and creator of the annual Editors’ Walking Club. His plan was to continue with the magazine until retirement. But the editor-in-chief of sister publication Production Machining announced that he was retiring. The company asked if Derek would be open to moving to Production Machining. For him, it was a matter of choosing comfort with a brand he was familiar with or changing to lead a new one. He not only chose to change, but to embrace it.

Tips on How to Be a More Empathic Marketer

Marketers should first understand their customers intimately and how their brand can help them with the challenges they face before they do any messaging or try to tell the story of their brand. Empathy is the first part and immersion comes next. You immerse the customer in the story of how your brand can help.

Write Smarter/Faster With Tips From Top Content Creator Posts

Content creators recognize the struggle to find the right word, craft the right phrase, or just get the darn thing done. This post is loaded with helpful reminders and ideas from the most popular articles on the Content Marketing Institute blog in this category (plus links to many more).

Branding in the Age of Content Marketing

Buyers choose brands that they trust and respect. Trust is second only to price as a purchase driver. A brand’s impact on society is why trust has become more important. As younger decision-makers take control, this trend will become more pronounced. Spending time to clarify your messaging at the most elemental level and crafting a strategy to bring your unique purpose and point-of-difference to light across your internal and external communications is imperative for brands that want to lead.