B2B Research: A Powerful Marketing Tool

The Gardner Business Media Industrial Buying Influence 2020 study findings can be used as a powerful marketing tool. The study provides demographic and psychographic details that help you better understand customers and prospects. We know knowledge is power and knowing how B2B industrial buying dynamics are changing is a key to successfully empowering your marketing.
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Create Effective Show Communication for Your Hybrid Event

You may be considering a Hybrid Event, which involves a new digital experience for a select audience of exhibitors and attendees. Here are a few ways to enhance your communication to all your customers.

Marketing Mistakes Could Be Fatal to Manufacturing Companies

Although the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic is hitting service and travel industries the hardest, B2B manufacturers and industrial companies are not immune. And just as human patients with underlying issues are more susceptible to the pandemic, so are B2B companies with underlying financial, organizational and marketing issues. It’s time to acknowledge the marketing issues you have and get in front of them. Turn underlying B2B marketing problems into bonafide marketing differentiators. Here are four underlying marketing issues that could prove catastrophic to B2B manufacturers.

Gardner Business Media Survey Helps Manufacturing Marketers Better Reach Buyers with New Data and Insights on Industrial Buying

The Gardner Business Media Industrial Buying Influence (IBI) 2020 examines behaviors and influencers impacting the industrial manufacturing technology purchase process. The series offers a comprehensive analysis of how media and marketing impact the industrial buying cycle in discrete parts manufacturing. Specifically, the pace and the process by which buying teams evaluate, research and decide on purchases; and, the media types and messaging strategies that inform each stage of that purchase process. Results include observations and raw data investigating primary trends in B2B industrial marketing and media usage.

Social Storytelling: Should Your Brand Try Augmented Reality?

You’ve probably seen ‘Augmented Reality’ technology in action even if you didn’t know its name. When your kids play Pokemon Go or post Instagram Stories revealing their inner Disney character, that’s AR. If you’ve ever previewed how a sofa will look in your apartment before you decide to click ‘buy,’ that retailer uses AR. It is predicted that the coming years will unleash new kinds of creative storytelling. If you’re weighing the benefits of developing a branded AR experience, consider these best practices.

Youth Movement in B2B Buyers Happening Faster Than You Think

Marketing has never been static. Times change, media consumption changes, people change. Buyer demographics have changed. In manufacturing purchases, the over-50 buyer still has considerable sway. But that’s changing. What’s important is understanding how the younger demographic use social media in buying decisions, to craft better marketing plans that get more return from online marketing investment. This content provides a broad-brush framework for thinking about, and crafting, a social media strategy, and explores “selling” a plan, with social components, to a C-Suite.

HR and Marketing Bring Brand Promises to Life

Enduring brands are built by people – not ads, clicks or views. Marketing has traditionally taken the lead in communicating the corporate brand promise, but when it comes to delivering on those promises, its people from all around the organization who have to do the work of successfully bringing the brand promise to life. And that’s why HR has a significant role to play in the process. Recognize and leverage the critical role employees play in enhancing and delivering the brand promise.

Influencer Marketing More Meaningful in B2B

Because of the B2C focus, some companies mistakenly think that influencer marketing is not a good fit for B2B. They assume that the benefits of having an influencer use, talk about or recommend their content or products won’t work well for B2B because audience sizes tend to be much smaller. The good news is that influencer marketing not only works for B2B, it can actually be much more meaningful and cost-effective than in the consumer space. Here are five important reasons why.

24 Useful Tools and Apps for Marketers

Wondering how to get more marketing tasks done in a day? Looking for some fun tools to try? In this article, you’ll find 24 mobile apps and desktop tools from the Social Media Marketing podcast’s Discovery of the Week.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Industrial Marketing Today but Were Afraid to Ask

A game plan for new realities in industrial marketing. Trends becomes a tide. Younger buyers will soon call the shots. Be ready!

Why Influencer Marketing Is An Essential Part of An Optimal Marketing Mix

Influencers are trusted individuals who have the power to engage consumers and motivate their purchase decisions because of their real (or perceived) authority, expertise and elevated social status. Discover why tapping into the power of influencers should be a core part of your marketing mix and how you’re (maybe surprisingly) already engaging in it.

How Social Media Increases Brand Awareness

Social media has proven to be a key factor in creating brand awareness. This is because social media is a great platform for brands to maintain customer relationships, while also having the opportunity to be found by new leads. In fact, a lot of people learn about new brands because it was mentioned by a friend on social media. Let’s cover a few ways social media is used to build brand awareness.