Email Isn’t Going Anywhere. But Gosh, It Needs to Change.

Email isn’t going anywhere. There are other communication channels trying to get in the game, but email is still very strong, and we have to get smarter about how we’re using it. The days of list buying, and spamming customers has to change. Just because others are still leaning on the old school methods of finding an address and spamming you doesn’t mean you have to. Get ahead of the changes before it’s too late. Here are a couple ingredients for that secret sauce to step up your email game.

Tips for Improving Your Email’s Effectiveness

Email has been a key component of the marketing mix for some time and the medium is showing no signs of slowing down as a marketing tool. But that doesn’t mean email marketing hasn’t changed. Your email strategy should grow with your data sets and MarTech capabilities. Do you feel your email could use a refresh? This presentation covers five things you should implement in your email marketing in 2020.

Analyze 6 Elements to Land Better Conversion Rates

It’s impossible to predict what is going to work best on an email, landing page, or website. Thus, the need for A/B testing.” This presentation covers each of six areas in detail to test in every email and landing page.

Tips to Increase Your Email Open Rates – Based on Data

Improving email open rates is an on-going exercise. Use benchmark data and best practices to leverage what’s working so more eyes see your message. New data is available from the 2019 Campaign Monitor Ultimate Email Marketing Benchmarks report. Let’s explore the data.

7 Important Email Marketing Tips for the B2B Marketer

It is difficult to make your audience notice your email let alone engage with it in the sea of emails all shouting for attention. So what can you do to make your emails stand out? There are many methods that have their own relative advantages and limitations. However, the following tips may help B2B marketers who want their emails to stand out above the rest.

How to Craft a Successful Email Marketing Strategy in 2020 [Examples + Template]

Email marketing is a powerful tool to encourage your audience to engage with content and to nurture leads in your database along the buyer’s journey. Email marketing is getting harder to do well. Here is a set of guidelines to learn what strategies you should start implementing, absolutely avoid, and keep up in 2018 and in years ahead.

Top-Rated Email Marketing Software

Regardless of what is currently trending, email is still king. However, to have a stellar email marketing campaign, you first have to have the right software. Here is a list of the top seven email marketing tools according to

5 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

The enemy of email marketing is the full inbox. Information overload puts subscribers on the defensive and is a drag on open and click-through rates, often to the point where email campaign ROI goes underwater. Nevertheless, successful email marketing is possible. The 5 suggestions that follow will enable you to subdue the full inbox enemy, and improve results.

Use Concise Email Design to Improve Campaign Results

To improve the effectiveness of your emails it is important to not overwhelm users with choice and to not include any content with duplicate links. This concise approach to email design will not only improve the results of your campaigns but also reduce the time it takes to create them.

19 Simple Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Email Open and Clickthrough Rates

Practicing good inbound marketing means sending emails to people who actually want to hear from you. Your emails might still end up getting lost in the inbox clutter or spam folder. When someone actually opens your email, they don’t actually click through. Here are tips you can implement to improve the open rates, clickthrough rates, and lead generation.

Shocking Myths About Subject Lines

Subject lines are the most written about email marketing element — and they’re the most misunderstood. The internet is full of bad subject line advice that gets endlessly echoed until it has the ring of truth to it. Here are six myths about subject lines that you may believe are true.

Quick Fixes for Five Common Email Marketing Mistakes

According to a study by Econsultancy, 74 percent of businesses view their email as instrumental to their company’s ROI. However, there are still a handful of frequently made mistakes which, if unaddressed, can make customers unsubscribe. Read these five most common mistakes and the remedies you can use to solve them.