On Traffic Jams, Vehicle Size, Building EVs and more

From building electric vehicles—and training to do so—to considering traffic and its implication on drivers and vehicle size—there are plenty of considerations for people and their utilization of technology in the industry.

On Automotive: From Supercars to Supply Chains to Stamping

New tech developments in automotive ranging from the e-motor for a McLaren supercar to how Volkswagen Group is using artificial intelligence for supply chain monitoring to how Nissan is stamping without dies

On Propulsion, Security, Sustainability and more

MAHLE sees hybrids continuing, Dodge has software to protect SRT models, Jenson Button is developing vehicles at a race track in Arizona, Audi is using green aluminum, BMW is investing in green steel, Mercedes is reducing its production emissions footprint, Bentley builds its 200,000th, and Sonata N Line impressions

VW Readies Automated EV Charging System

No humans required

Personal Car Ownership Fends Off Public Transport During Pandemic

EVs gaining acceptance but the pace needs to accelerate

2021 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring

Where efficiency meets surprising luxury

2021 Toyota Sienna

A minivan that no one will have to apologize for owning

Polestar 2 and Clever Lighting Execution

The nights can be long in Scandinavia, so the Polestar 2 designers and engineers have created a lighting system for the EV that automatically handles the darkness

Can a CVT Boost EV Performance?

Bosch says new gearbox can better balance efficiency and peak output

ZERO EV Quick Product Development

The ZERO EV is quick. But the product development is comparatively quicker

Rating EV Charging Stations

Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of room for improvement

Engineering the 2021 Ford F-150

When you’re making a new F-Series, you’ve got a lot riding on everything you do

The Electric Future Is Here & There’s No Going Back

New lower-cost batteries could mean that we've reached the tipping point for the industry’s shift to BEVs earlier than had been anticipated.

Bob Carter of Toyota on 2020 and Beyond

The company’s executive vp of Sales believes things are getting better

A Ray of Sunshine for EV Charging?

Solar-powered roadway energizes Georgia charging station

Porsche and Siemens Energy Partner on e-fuel Plant

Working to develop carbon-neutral fuel production—in a facility in South America

The Electric Future Is Now

Some would rather not acknowledge the transformation, but companies like GM are leading it.

Audi Electric Investments Continue

Electromobility getting €15 billion through 2025

HUMMER EV Under the Sheet Metal

When you take away the the body and the interior, here’s what you have

Why Norwegians Like BEVs

There are those tremendous tax savings. . .

EV Charging Developer Readies Scalable Platform

Charging up to meet higher battery capacities

Valeo Scales Up Tech Plans

CTO Guillaume Devauchelle on the future of electrification, automation and in-vehicle health systems

New EV Heating Concept is on the Money

Partners aim to extend driving range by supplementing HVAC system

Reinventing the Electric Motor

Infinitum’s printed circuit board design promises significant performance, packaging, manufacturing and cost benefits