On Electric Pickups, Flying Taxis, and Auto Industry Transformation

Ford goes for vertical integration, DENSO and Honeywell take to the skies, how suppliers feel about their customers, how vehicle customers feel about shopping, and insights from a software exec

On Traffic Jams, Vehicle Size, Building EVs and more

From building electric vehicles—and training to do so—to considering traffic and its implication on drivers and vehicle size—there are plenty of considerations for people and their utilization of technology in the industry.
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On The German Auto Industry

A look at several things that are going on in the German auto industry—from new vehicles to stamping to building electric vehicles.
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On Audi's Paint Colors, the Lexus ES 250, and a Lambo Tractor

From pitching a startup idea to BMW to how ZF is developing and using ADAS tech to a review of the Lexus ES 250 AWD to special info about additive at Toyota R&D. And lots in between.

On Headlights, Tesla's Autopilot, VW's Electric Activities and More

Seeing better when driving at night, understanding the limits of “Autopilot,” Volkswagen’s electric activities, and more.

On EV's, ADAS, and a Pickup Truck

Several industry-related items that you’ve not likely to have seen anywhere else. (At least not all together.)
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On Automotive: From Supercars to Supply Chains to Stamping

New tech developments in automotive ranging from the e-motor for a McLaren supercar to how Volkswagen Group is using artificial intelligence for supply chain monitoring to how Nissan is stamping without dies
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On EV Charging, Cleaner Gasoline, the Electric Hummer and More

Developments in EV charging, European sales, cleaner gasoline, vehicle manufacturing in China, the electric HUMMER, the Volvo V60 Cross Country—and more

On Propulsion, Security, Sustainability and more

MAHLE sees hybrids continuing, Dodge has software to protect SRT models, Jenson Button is developing vehicles at a race track in Arizona, Audi is using green aluminum, BMW is investing in green steel, Mercedes is reducing its production emissions footprint, Bentley builds its 200,000th, and Sonata N Line impressions
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On the Genesis GV80, Acura MDX, BMW iDrive and more

From Genesis to Lamborghini, from Bosch to Acura: new automotive developments.
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On Automotive: An All Electric Edition

A look at electric vehicle-related developments, from new products to recycling old batteries.

On Charging, Sustainable Tires, the Lincoln Nautilus and more

Charging at home, driving on plastic, cameras for exterior, Fisker and Foxconn, and the Lincoln Nautilus reviewed

On Autonomy, EV Batteries, Buyer Trends and more

ZF Level 2+, Avery Dennison battery assembly, Cox Automotive buyer trends, Rolls-Royce Tempus, Vitesco Technologies catalyst heater, and Honda’s eight ENERGY STARS

What You Should Know About High-Speed Machining

The tools go a whole lot faster—40,000 rpm, perhaps—but the advantage is not parts per hour but in the ability to make precise parts with less induced stress

Machining Gummy Materials: A New Use for Sharpies

Organic films help metal removal Purdue researchers discover

Seven Cool Tools: Spindles, Quality & More

Increase operational productivity with these new developments

Lucid Factory—Phase One—Complete

They’ve built the beta test cars. Now they’re running the factory to test the tooling and equipment

Face Milling Aluminum Without Burrs

Sandvik has developed a face milling approach that is analogous to rotary broaching