On The German Auto Industry

A look at several things that are going on in the German auto industry—from new vehicles to stamping to building electric vehicles.

On Headlights, Tesla's Autopilot, VW's Electric Activities and More

Seeing better when driving at night, understanding the limits of “Autopilot,” Volkswagen’s electric activities, and more.

Big Increase Projected for "Green" Hydrogen

Annual investments to surpass $1 billion by 2023

Chesbrough on the Numbers Now & What the Future May Be Like

What do tech and economics do to the vehicle market? Charlie Chesbrough has some ideas

3 Things with Matthew Renna, Jon Allen and Terry Onica

Three people talk about three different things important in the industry. In this case: EVs, the Automotive Supply Chain, and Cloud Connected Vehicles.

Bridgestone America’s Approach to Mobility

The role that tires can play in autonomous fleets, the electrification of the OEMs’ products, micromobility and more on this “Autoline After Hours”

State of Sales According to Cox Automotive

Things are surprisingly strong in the U.S. market, and Charlie Chesbrough explains why.

Outlook for North American Tooling Firms: Not Good

Harbour Results sees bumpy times ahead for North American producers of things like molds and dies

Why EV Charging the Other Way Might Be Profitable

ABB is providing a French company with the ability to put EV electricity back into the grid

Considering Reshoring: The Pros and Cons

Politically it may be popular. But logistically and economically it may not necessarily be advantageous

Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Excited When September Sales Are Announced

  Yes, there is improvement. But there would be a bunch of asterisks involved, as well  

F-Series: The 2021 Launch, Going Electric and Solidly American

Ford launches the 2021 F-150, talks about the electric F-150, and calibrates the F-Series impact on the U.S economy

CAR MBS: Manufacturing Ops Need Better Tech, Experts Say

Equipment needs updating—as do the personnel in the industry

Sheryl Connelly Looks Toward the Future

While no one knows what the future will bring, as Sheryl Connelly explains, it is better to anticipate what might happen than to be blindsided if you don’t.

Cylinder Deactivation Can Benefit Diesels Too

In this case, it’s mostly about reducing emissions—but fuel economy gains still add up. 

Questions, Answers and COVID-19

The industry will come back. But no one really knows when.

Not a Great Summer for Sales

Although some people thought that the industry was “back” based on the improved sales in May and June compared to April, coronavirus hasn’t gone away so reduced sales may be back

The End of the Continental & The Trouble with Cars

Not even Matthew McConaughey could say “Alright, alright, alright” about its numbers

Q2 Sales and the Path Forward

Yes, there are signs of improvement. But that may be a relative thing.

What bp’s Sale of Its Petrochemical Business Might Mean

bp is changing its business model in a big way. This is something other companies should pay attention to.

Ford’s $42 Billion Cash Cow

F-Series pickups generate about 30% of the carmaker’s revenue. The tally is about twice as much as what McDonald’s pulls in.

LMC Auto & the Industry Right Now: “Shock to the System”

The head of global forecasting for LMC Automotive talks about where the auto industry is at the start of the recovery and how long it might take to get to a state of recovery

Back to “Normal”? Not So Fast

Getting plants operating as they had isn’t going to happen overnight. And sales recovery—years

Coronavirus Auto Industry Roundup: June 5

More plants open, but others are targeted for closure