Create Lead Magnet Ideas That Grow Email Lists

Lead magnets is a marketing strategy that uses barter and trade principle. Data and contact information have become crucial for building an email database. Here are a few ideas on what constitutes a productive and effective lead magnet.


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By Lauren Groff, Online Blogger and Article Writer
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Lead magnets is a commonly used marketing strategy that utilizes the basic barter and trade principle of ‘one for another’. Data and contact information have become so valuable that these ‘loss leaders’ have become crucial for building up an email marketing database. The principle of lead magnets is that an incentive or reward is offered in exchange for the user’s contact information (usually email address). Lead magnets can be anything from videos and podcasts to eBooks and PDFs, to quizzes or interest articles.

A lead magnet must have the following four components in its ‘consumer journey’:

  • Draw-in point: A link to the potential reward you are providing.

  • Input Page: Once the link is clicked, this is where the consumer’s contact information is inputted.

  • Completion: Once completed, a thank you page and the reward should be provided.

  • Emails! Now the consumer is added to your email list.

So what constitutes a productive and effective lead magnet? It needs to:

Be Useful and In Demand

The lead magnet that you are providing the consumer must be of some value and relevance to the market, and in demand to the general population. It is extremely unlikely that people will provide their contact details for a product or reward that is not of value or relevance to them. In addition, the lead magnet should be presented in a polished and well-constructed manner, conveying its value and importance to the viewer.

Exude Authority

To gain the trust of the viewer of your lead magnet, your content needs to project authority and confidence. Lindsey Nell, a tech writer at Assignment Help and State Of Writing, noted that, “People will not trust your company enough to provide their contact details if they do not believe it is a professional and trustworthy establishment. Effective lead magnets should showcase not only subject authority but also overall professionalism.”

Be Specific and Targeted

The content you market should not be general or simply relevant to anyone. The most effective lead magnets address a specialized segment of the market, or ‘target market’. Know who you are marketing to and make it relevant to those people specifically.

Make the Process Easy to Use

Have you ever followed a link expecting something great and the process was just too complicated, so you just gave up? This is exactly what you want to avoid when crafting a lead magnet. You may have a great reward at the end of it, but if the process is too complex, people will just give up. Make the process simple.

3 Main Lead Magnet Formats

E-books & PDFs

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As William Redding, an email marketer at UKWritings and Revieweal, commented, “E-books and PDFs are probably the most common and popular lead magnets available online, as they are both informative and sought after.” Some companies create entirely new products specifically for lead magnet use, and some simply market existing information and products as a loss leader using it as a lead magnet.

Free Trial

How many free trials have you signed up to in your time? For me the answer is way too many! Wonder why? They are just tempting and well-constructed lead magnets. The vast majority of people will sign up to the product after the free trial, and the few that choose not to will at least now be familiar with your brand.

Quizzes and Contests

We all love fun and interesting personality quizzes, for example. They are an easy and unsuspecting way to collect contact information. Similarly, offering a ‘big prize’, raffle, or contest entering option which requires an email address to be entered is also an easy way to build up your email address database. It is almost a way of distracting the consumer from the fact that you want their information by providing them with a contest or quiz.

Lead magnets are becoming increasingly widely used and popular ways to increase your customer database. They are targeted and effective ways to increase both your online presence and marketing reach. Hopefully, this basic round up of lead magnet ideas and their important characteristics will allow you to begin crafting your own lead magnet ideas to grow your company’s email lists.

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Lauren Groff, Online Blogger and Article Writer
Research Paper Writing
Big Assignments

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Lauren Groff, Online Blogger and Article Writer, Research Paper Writing and Big Assignments

Lauren Goff

Lauren is an online blogger and article writer for Research paper writing and Bigassignments. She writes predominantly about the latest business and marketing trends. She also contributes her work to Best essay writing services.


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