Tips on How to Be a More Empathic Marketer

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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On episode 72 of the Inspired Marketing Podcast, Relationship One spoke to Lance Osborne, Director of Demand Generation for the Global Research division of Wiley Publishing, about empathy. Osborne emphasized that marketers should first understand their customers intimately and how their brand can help them with the challenges they face before they do any messaging or try to tell the story of their brand. If they don’t, they risk turning their customers off, since that story won’t be relevant nor will it matter much to them. Once marketers properly empathize with their customers, they can then concentrate on making their messaging and story accessible, intriguing, and even entertaining. According to Osborne, empathy is the first part and immersion comes next. You immerse the customer in the story of how your brand can help. The focus should be on how you’re helping customers deal with their business problems rather than getting them to buy. Read more