Marketing Now: New World, New Rules

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Experience is Everything

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“Hi, my name is 2020, and I mess up everything.” Admitting it is the first step, right? Phew. That was therapeutic.

Put 2020 back in order by adopting some new rules — and applying some fresh ideas.

In this series, IMTS - International Manufacturing Technology Show leaders are guiding readers through what marketing looks like in this new world. Last month, we covered making room in your marketing plan for both trade shows AND digital tools. In this issue, we’ll focus on experience — the customer experience.

Embrace New Ideas. Sounds new-agey and pointless, we know. But hear us out. In The Myths of Creativity, David Burkus explained, “The world’s most common reaction to a new idea isn’t to beat a path to our door. It’s typically to beat down the idea or, perhaps worse, ignore it.”

Think about it. How many times have you heard, “But we do it this way”? Even if that way is antiquated or perhaps impossible due to a global pandemic people tend to stick with the known way of doing things. New methods or approaches are often met with harsh criticisms. Or awkward silence.

If there has ever been a time to embrace new ideas, it’s now. The whole world has changed, so it’s time for some new approaches.

That’s why AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology and GBM – Gardner Business Media are launching IMTS spark, a completely new, totally comprehensive digital destination purpose-built for manufacturing technology. Using IMTS spark, manufacturers can connect, buy, sell and learn — safely — through a pandemic.

IMTS spark is new, and it is different. It is not — heaven forbid — another digital conference. Frankly, it is something that the industry needs, and can use immediately. It is a manufacturing technology expert in a savvy digital package. Open it up to find solutions, collaborate with peers, network with potential partners, and gain insight from experts.

Focus on Experience. Remember the names of the characters in that great book you read last summer? Probably not. Remember how incredible it felt to relax on the beach while reading it? Sure you do.

Experiences are memorable. Experiences build connections and breed associations. If you can give a customer a positive experience, they will remember you when they have a need — whether that is tomorrow or 12 months from now.

Apply that principle to your marketing. Experiential marketing taps into the power of emotions. Meanwhile, informational marketing relies on delivering content in traditional ways — through websites, brochures, etc. Using informational marketing, prospects read about products and services and decide if they need them. Experiential marketing is different.

Rather than telling prospects about your product or service, use experiential marketing to show them. Bring your products and processes to life. Live demos are powerful sales tools. Create test case scenarios that have real shop floor applications.

The digital showrooms and demos in IMTS spark allow users to create experiences. Use the tools already built into IMTS spark to give your prospects an experience they will remember. Prospects can preview your demo anytime and schedule to attend LIVE. During your demo, you’ll have a carefully curated audience who is ready to learn — and willing to buy!

While we all look for experiences beyond each of our own current bubbles, look for that opportunity to make an emotional connection to potential customers. It might mean you open a new door for yourself in the process.

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