Mack Enhances Engine Efficiency

While a 3% improvement may not seem like a big deal: the average Class 8 truck drives over 60,000 miles per year. Yes, a big deal


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Although there is an increasing prevalence of internal combustion engines that have six cylinders or fewer, “downsized and turbocharged” as the phrase goes, not all sixes are created equal.

For example, take the next-generation 13-liter Mack MP 8HE engine. Yes, a six-cylinder mill. It is an in-line six that has been revised by Mack powertrain engineers.

Mack Anthem

The Mack Anthem. (Images: Mack Trucks)

It deploys “Mack Energy Recovery Technology,” which takes waste energy from the engine’s exhaust, then, having transformed that into mechanical energy, delivers it to the camshaft as additional torque.

What’s more, the crown of the piston is designed so that there are “waves” in the bowl that redirect flames in the combustion chamber such that there is the use of all of the available oxygen, thereby resulting in a more complete burn than is achieved with conventional piston designs. The result of this is that there is a 2% improvement in fuel economy and a 90% reduction in soot.

Mack Engine

Mack MP 8HE has been improved for more efficient performance.

Other things they’ve done to improve the efficiency of the MP8HE is to increase the compression ratio from 17:1 to 18:1 and added an improved turbocharger and wastegate. The company says that the engine improvements provide a fuel economy improvement of up to 3%.

Output? 415 hp with 1,760 lb-ft of torque or 445 hp with 1,860 lb-ft.

(If the MP 8HE is looked at as part of a package for the Anthem model, which can be fitted with extended chassis fairings for improved aero, if it is rolled into the Mack HE+ efficiency package, which includes the mDRIVE automated manual transmission and the Mack Predictive Cruise, then there can be a 13% improvement in fuel efficiency compared with a base Anthem.)