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Employee Spotlight Profile: Media Solutions to Provide Direct Reach to Markets Served

Maalik Bomar, Account Manager, Sales Gardner Business Media

Maalik Bomar

My world changed as I knew it to be, two years ago July 10, 2017.

From a pro linebacker ferociously playing the game of American football, to now carrying my own weight in the real world working in the marketing/industrial manufacturing field.

Just as I’ve had to overcome many obstacles throughout my playing career, I took this “culture shock” as another challenge to conquer. Diving into this industry, my role here at Gardner Business Media as an Account Manager in Sales, I completely knew nothing about anything going on internally with the company or the industry as a whole.

When it comes to us millennials, I believe it’s safe to assume that we don’t necessarily care or have our minds wrapped around the concept of how things are manufactured, we just seek the latest technology/method.

Immediately, without any knowledge of any trade, just as I did while playing football it was time to learn a new playbook.

I was committed to constantly taking notes during Gardner meetings to better understand terminology internally and externally, reading through our publications to familiarize myself with all the different practices within industrial manufacturing, visiting actual job shop facilities, and watching endless amounts of YouTube allowing me to capture a more visual understanding. Most importantly, I was far from being afraid to ask for help.

Over time, I’ve had the pleasure of networking with all kinds of industrial professionals across multiple markets having attended multiple tradeshow events such as the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS is the largest tradeshow that takes place here in North America covering industrial manufacturing). This show has been the highlight of my career thus far. This event not only provided the opportunity to meet face-to-face with clientele, but I was able to continue learning what the industry had to offer across the board (metalworking, additive manufacturing/3D printing, moldmaking, inspection/quality control, latest industrial software, etc.).

The neat thing about industrial manufacturing is that trends are constantly changing, technology is constantly evolving for the better. For example, 3D printing which I find to be the most fascinating, is vastly advancing due to the various printing capabilities/technologies available, even detailed as to the types of materials used such as certain metals and powders.

As Account Manager serving the industrial audience with the latest informational content regarding the ever changing trends, I plan to continue forward providing the best customer service to those client professionals seeking a direct reach to their markets served. It is utterly important to assure that manufacturing suppliers of all types have access via print and/or digital media channels to best make known their technology solutions to subdue industry challenges.

Above all else, I only hope that my personal journey can be looked upon as encouragement for anyone feeling a bit lost or not knowing what’s to come before them. Simply put: “Control only what you can control.” Everything else is unwritten.

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