Guide to Generate Leads with Your Content Marketing

With a solid content marketing strategy and these steps in place, your content marketing campaigns will generate leads online like a well-oiled machine.


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Do you want to generate more leads with your content? Smart content marketers know that going in with a clear strategy is key to your success. In this guide, you’ll be shown how to generate leads with your content marketing, step by step. By the end of this 7-step guide, you’ll have a roadmap for creating content that generates leads and sales. Read more


  • What Is Brand Equity and Why You Should Care

    Branding is a fancy term for the process of understanding what your customers care about most when they buy, and aligning your actions and communications with those customer values that make you unique. When done well, this process can create tremendous financial value. Brands have the power to transform companies. But only if they are based on understanding and delivering customer value.

  • Create A Great Marketing Message: Inquire Before You Inform

    The right message hits your customers’ sweet spot, where the needs of buyers intersect the needs of sellers. Successful marketing messages persuade customers when they follow the three I’s — inquire, inform and inspire. It persuades customers to move forward, rather than settle for the status quo. To create marketing messages that consistently win, use a 1-PageTM Message Map.

  • Shifting Landscape of Technology Is a Never-Ending Education

    Brent Donaldson, Senior Editor, Modern Machine Shop and Additive Manufacturing Magazine discusses how the shifting landscape of technology that all of Gardner’s writers and editors cover is a never-ending education. If we are truly doing our jobs, we will never feel like we’ve mastered them. As I continue writing and reporting for AM and MMS, it’s easy to imagine how these technologies’ interdependency will continue to grow. It also seems clear that this kind of reporting — the kind that requires editors to experience and share new manufacturing technologies and strategies — is the kind of reporting that only Gardner can produce with any depth. I’m grateful to be part of it.

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