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2. September 2014

2015 Capital Spending Forecast for Machine Tools is $8.8 Billion

The forecast for machine tools is $8.8 billion. This is up almost 37% and would be the highest amount of spending since 1998.

A general trend in machine types that are hot is either small or vertical. Grinding continues to be very, very strong – about 40% more than the previous high year.

Projected spending for Job Shops is nearly $2.5 billion, which is up about 10%. Projected spending for Machinery/Equipment Manufacturing is $1.2 billion, which is up about 70%. Rounding out the top five industries are Automotive ($759 million), Pumps/Valves/Plumbing Products ($688 million), and Forming/Fabricating – Non-Auto ($494 million).

Forecasted spending for industrial mold shops is $527 million, which is up about 12% from last year. Spending for Custom Processors is projected at $328 million, which is almost 3 times last year.

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