The Cool Parts Show Season 3 Announced

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Additive Manufacturing Media has announced that August 12th will be the premiere of season 3 of The Cool Parts Show, the continuing video series about the advance of 3D printing into industrial production. Regular series hosts, Senior Editor Stephanie Hendrixson and Editor-in-Chief Peter Zelinski are back for season 3. Each episode explores the design, manufacture and potential impact of a specific 3D printed part with host discussion and expert commentary.

Season 3 highlights parts that demonstrate the cross section of 3d printing and machining, looks at biomedical applications, explores how small additive parts can be, 3D for automotive and whether additive technology can produce a sustainable supply chain. The new season is again being produced in partnership with Carpenter Additive.

“We’re building on the previous seasons of the show as well as our special coronavirus coverage to introduce 3D printing technologies and materials that we haven’t shown viewers before, and expanding the scope of the ideas we explore,” says Hendrixson. “The parts in this season point to things like better healthcare, more efficient transportation, and greater sustainability in manufacturing—and we’re excited to tell these stories!”

Episodes will post from August to October to Additive Manufacturing online ( and to the Additive Manufacturing YouTube channel.

Complete show information is available at:

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Additive Manufacturing is devoted to industrial applications of 3D printing technology. The focus is on the ways manufacturers are using this technology to make tooling, molds, functional prototypes and end-use production parts in a range of industry sectors.