Covid 19 Update for Manufacturers

Monday, April 27, 2020

Rick Kline, president of Gardner Business Media, has posted this series of videos celebrating the manufacturing community's response to the COVID-19 crisis and noting the increased visibility of manufacturing in the general media.

This series lays out the various ways Gardner Business Media is helping to keep manufacturers connected, and closes with a call for stories from manufacturers. Companies wishing to share such stories can do so here.

Update #1

In the wake of Coronavirus, US manufacturing will remain strong. But, not without challenges. Manufacturers will continue looking for solutions to help them maintain or grow their business. As the COVID-19 narrative evolves, we will continue to report on the virus’s impact. But, more importantly, we’ll report on how manufacturers can successfully respond to that impact.

Resources for Manufacturers


Update #2

Manufacturing is playing a critical role in assisting the country during the Coronavirus. The manufacturing community is also having its importance recognized in the mainstream media much more than ever before. With the spotlight on how important U.S industry, the lessons we are learning now about reshoring, supply chains and closing the skills gap are going to be even more important as the world returns to normal.

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