Metrics to Review for Your Marketing Strategy

To maximize ROI on your marketing strategies and digital assets, make sure you are reaching the goals you have put in place. Following the performance metrics of your brand’s marketing will help you track the success of each one and, when needed, adjust strategies for greater results.


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Would you invest valuable resources into a marketing strategy, piece of content or digital asset if you didn’t know whether the effort would be worthwhile? Analyzing your marketing performance metrics can help you implement the most effective marketing campaigns for your brand and make the best use of your resources. Read more


  • Adopted into Manufacturing

    Jeff Norgord, Marketing and Creative Director, Gardner Business Media, discusses his passion for all things design, advertising and manufacturing and how certain mediums were a precursor to his understanding of design that helped grow his fascination with the manufacturing industry. He wanted to learn how to create and build magazines. And that he did.

  • Creating a Brand Identity -- Logo Logic

    Establishing brand identity is important, and consistent logo appearance is key. Here’s food for thought in designing or deploying yours. How do you keep your logo, and its contribution to brand identity, intact and recognizable, wherever used? Here are three insights and a big conclusion. It’s your brand . . . your logo. You need to control its use in every way possible to maintain consistency.

  • Setting Your Marketing Budget: A 2-Part Process

    There are more than a few yardsticks that can be used in setting your marketing budget. But, the real trick to selling it to the C Suite lies in making that spending accountable.

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