Waymo Reports Autonomous Safety Record

47 incidents in 21 months, with no injuries or at-fault accidents

EV/Hybrid Sales Surpass Diesels in Europe

Government incentives drives adoption. But consumers are increasingly more open to the technology.

Panasonic to Work with Tesla on Next-Gen Battery

Expansion planned for Nevada Gigafactory

C-V2X in China

There is some serious development of this critical technology going on in China

Roush CleanTech Adds Electric Truck Capabilities

Penske Leasing to test demonstration models this year

Consumer Interest in EVs and Self-Driving Cars Stuck in Neutral

Knowledge and firsthand experience lacking. COVID didn’t help.

Conti Buys Stake in Lidar Startup

AEye’s long-range technology will complement existing short-range system

Mack Enhances Engine Efficiency

While a 3% improvement may not seem like a big deal: the average Class 8 truck drives over 60,000 miles per year. Yes, a big deal

A More Precise Way to Get There With HERE

Pinpointing a location in three words

GM Tops 1 Million Wi-Fi Subscriptions

More content in the works