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Posted by: Steven Kline, Jr. 14. November 2016

Machine Tool Orders Get Big Boost from IMTS

In September, machine tool orders were 2,665 units and $485,475,000. The numbers got their typical boost from IMTS, although the boost from IMTS 2016 was slightly less than what it was in 2014.

The unit order total in September was the highest since December 2014. Compared with one year ago, unit orders were up 51.6 percent, which was the second straight month of growth. The month-over-month growth was just below the 53.2 percent in September 2014. While, the annual rate of change contracted for the 13th month in a row, it contracted at the slowest rate since September 2015, which was the first month that machine tool units contracted this cycle. 

Real dollar sales were up 52.0 percent compared with September 2015. That also was the second month in a row of growth. But, the IMTS bump this year was a little farther away than the bump for units. Last IMTS, real dollar sales increased 58.2 percent. The annual rate of change contracted for the 16th month in a row, but September was the slowest rate of contraction since September 2015.

The average price of machine jumped to $182,000 in September, which was the highest average price since January 2015. 

In the West, unit sales grew at the industry average while dollar sales increased 94 percent.

The South Central region had unit growth below the industry average whil dollar growth was above average.

In the North Central-West, both unit and dollar sales growth were below average in September.\

The North Central-East saw unit sales above the industry average but dollar sales growth was well below the industry average. In fact, dollar growth was the lowest for any region in September.

In the Southeast, unit sales growth was 97 percent and dollar sales growht was 92 percent, both well above the industry average.

In the Northeast, unit growth was only half the industry average while dollar growth was above average.


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