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Friday, December 07, 2012

Seven Rules to Cultivate Deep Mobile Relationships

Mobile apps provide outstanding marketing opportunities that offer enormous reach by literally placing brands at the customer’s fingertips. The advantages of these apps have made the mobile market very competitive, so marketers have needed to develop more customer-oriented mobile marketing campaigns that compel people to welcome these brands onto their digital devices. As a result, push notifications have become very popular because these opt-in messages arrive on the home screen of mobile devices and can be tailored to send the recipient the information they want, from relevant brand offers to location-focused news and even social updates. To help marketers create the most engaging and effective push notifications, offered these seven savvy strategies.

1. Rely on Relevancy for Response
Make customers welcome and want to receive your messages by making them relevant to their needs. Develop targeted push notifications by using all of the behavioral and customer information collected on each customer. Such relevance can result in a much higher response rate.
2. Let Customers Customize Their Experience
Make sure the app has a control panel that lets customers set their preferences about the types, number, and frequency of messages they receive. This shows customers that you care about their satisfaction, which helps ensure that they continue to care about the brand.
3. Allow Recipients to Set Their Schedules
Let customers determine when they want to receive the push notification to avoid bombarding and bothering them. Make sure the app includes a setting that lets customers choose the days and times they want contact, as well as quiet.
4. Keep Push Content Consistent with Branding
These push notifications serve as a mobile extension and representation of the company, so keep the voice and visual content consistent with current marketing. Remember to always preview messages on various digital devices to make sure they come across clearly and correctly.
5. Engage and Entertain for Effectiveness
Make customers eagerly anticipate your messages by providing push content that is exclusive, exciting, or enjoyable in some way. Use multimedia to increase engagement and add value. Also, always make the content easily accessible.
6. Make Location a Leading Factor
Show customers that the brand is in sync with their needs by offering information customized to their ever-changing locations. Be careful not to overwhelm the customer with every move they make, so use this location data wisely and carefully craft it into relevant push content.
7. Track Over Time
The only way to truly determine the effectiveness of the mobile app is to monitor and measure customer responses over time. This will show what’s working well, along with what needs to be improved and optimized.

Let these seven strategies be your guide for developing engaging and effective push notifications that will keep customers looking forward to the content and coming back for more.
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