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AutoBeat is the first and most important news briefing of the day for top automotive industry executives and key decision makers. Responsively designed, refocused to include multiple content types and reimagined to meet the growing needs of an evolving and expanding audience of automotive industry influencers, the latest AutoBeat Daily is the automotive industry’s top information resource.




Connecting automotive professionals through online and in-person events

AutoBeat hosts and sponsors events ranging from formal, executive dinners to casual, cocktail galas to technical-based conference programs, all aimed at connecting influential, automotive industry decision-makers. 

In 2016, AutoBeat Daily, Automotive Design & Production and the Advanced Mobility Project, launched Automobility 2016, a technical conference and business networking event focused on issues related to the development and integration of autonomous vehicles. The event was highlighted by the presentation of the inaugural Automobility Awards, which were delivered to leaders from Google, Tesla, NVIDIA, Continental AG, mCity. 



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