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Electrocoating: A Guidebook for Finishers
Price US: $79.00
ISBN 13:
ISBN 10: 0-97124-220-8
Edition: First
Published: 2002
Hardbound 217 pages
Sponsor: Electrocoat Association
Author: Electrocoat Association
While numerous options for finishing products exist today, electrocoating offers many environmental and economic advantages that make it the environomic solution for metal finishers. This guidebook, developed in cooperation with many electrocoating and general finishing industry experts, is intended to serve as a comprehensive reference for finishers using electrocoating technology.
Each chapter is written with the end-user in mind. It is the first publication to provide an in-depth "walk-through" of an entire electrocoating operation, outlining all the components and subject areas of an electrocoating system.
This format, along with illustrations, a glossary, a comprehensive index, and troubleshooting guide, assists the reader's understanding of electrocoat materials to match their needs.


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