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You Need to Watch the Right Data to Get Ahead

Michael Guckes, Chief Economist, Director of Analytics, Gardner Intelligence

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Michael Guckes, Chief Economist & Director of Analytics
Gardner Intelligence

The business cycle can be like a rising tide in some respects, when everyone is spending and making money it often creates a business sentiment that leads to a cycle in which increased spending across the economy leads to increased production and this leads to more spending, resulting in strong economic growth.

Yet all “good” things typically come to an end. Unfortunately, the manufacturing sector is often considered a -- if not “the” -- leading indicator of change to come in the greater economy. This ultimately results in the inevitable question that many manufacturers ask: If manufacturing is the leading indicator of economic change, then what leads the leading indicator?

Since leading indicators for leading indicators don’t exist (otherwise they would become the new leading indicators), manufacturers are left with two options. The first is to pay a team of experts to forecast future revenues for an industry -- if not the company specifically. The second is to find accurate, real-time data about your portion of the economy as this can give some indication of what future economic changes are in store for your company.

As Gardner Intelligence has stated in the past, knowing what is currently happening in new orders and exports can provide insights to future changes in production and backlogs which then later influences other business indicators including supplier deliveries and employment.

Gardner Intelligence’s new ‘GBI Snapshot’ product manages to provide this second option at a fraction of the cost of a customized multi-year forecast. Using the rich dataset from the Gardner Business Index (GBI) and with best in-class visualization software, Snapshot provides clients timely, graphics-based insights to the latest business trends.


Snapshot is a great tool for firms that want nearly real-time business activity data that is specific to their company’s size, end-market(s) served, geographic region and manufacturing process. Having these insights can help companies optimize inventories, hiring, and production by staying ahead of their less informed competitors.

Let Snapshot help you build a bigger, smarter bottom line.


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Michael Guckes
Chief Economist and Director of Analytics

Gardner Intelligence
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Michael Guckes, Chief Economist, Director of Analytics, Gardner Intelligence

Michael Guckes

Michael Guckes is more than just a ‘computers and numbers guy’.  Many people don’t know that after college he went to school at Lincoln Electric to learn TIG welding.  As an aviation enthusiast he also flies large scale model aircraft which can weight up to 55 lbs. and travel at up to 250 mph.  The precise metal and aluminum machining required, along with the intensive use of carbon fiber and even additive manufactured parts that allow these machines to do their impressive feats, has given him a sincere appreciation for all the manufacturing disciplines covered by Gardner Media’s many brands.

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