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Promoting One’s Business and Capabilities is Integral to Growing and Sustaining One’s Business

Cyndi Kustush, Senior Editor, MoldMaking Technology Magazine

Cyndi Kustush, Senior Editor
MoldMaking Magazine

I have been around manufacturing (moldmaking and molding, particularly) long enough to know that as much as things change there is still much that stays the same. One of these is the lack of understanding that promoting one’s business and capabilities is integral to growing and sustaining one’s business.

As Senior Editor of MoldMaking Technology Magazine, and even before joining the Gardner Business Media family, I have encountered many a business owner who declined the opportunity to tell his/her story, share the successes, the technologies and skills they use to serve their customers. But in this age of global competition and internet marketing, it is more critical than ever to put a spotlight on the company’s core competencies and to do it consistently.

I learned the value of telling one’s story while earning my bachelor’s degree in journalism at Indiana University, but it really sunk in when I took my first job in 1986 as a newspaper reporter, chasing the headlines and writing the features. Political and human-interest stories always appealed to readers, and in the manufacturing industry it is no different — just switch out politics for technologies and best practices.

Be among the first to promote what a company excels at, and do it across mediums like social media, advertising, direct marketing, and by participating at trade events, and potential customers will think of that company first. I have seen it happen many times, when working as a public relations professional and in my current position at MoldMaking Technology.

In 2018, I had the opportunity to present at the IMTS Exhibitor Workshop and shared with attendees the best way to go about writing a press release that will interest the media. Before the workshop, I thought it was only smaller companies that lacked the resources and know-how for creating effective press releases, but I was mistaken. There were several people from large companies who came to listen, and a few reached out afterward for more assistance.

As an editor, I see it as my duty to help our readers and advertisers understand the value of good public relations and marketing, and to guide them along the path to success. Whether it is accomplished via a feature in our magazine, a press release, being an exhibitor and/or a speaker at a trade show or a combination of all of these, getting the story out there will help position a company and its team as experts in their respective fields.

Supported by advertising and social media, there is no doubt a positive image can be built in the eyes of current and potential customers everywhere. It will require some time and effort to get started, but with practice and persistence it will pay off in dividends.

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