Media Usage in Manufacturing 2017

Monday, October 16, 2017
Originally titled 'Media Usage in Manufacturing 2017'

Gardner Research's sixth "Media Usage in Manufacturing Facilities" study profiles today's manufacturing professional; reveals the types of information they use and examines the media channels they are using to find that information.

Based on a survey sample of more than 1,600 executives and production managers mainly serving durable goods industries, Gardner Research's Media Usage Survey profiles today's manufacturing professionals and delivers compelling insights into how those professionals are using multiple media channels to gather information.

Specifically, the results are grouped into two primary sections. First, how is today’s industrial buyer using media. Second, what motivates and impacts the industrial buyers vendor selection and purchasing decision. 

Primary takeaways from the results include insight into how today’s industrial marketer should be considering brand, buying consideration, next generation, digital media and the industrial buying cycle when building an integrated sales and marketing program. 

Download the 2017 Media Usage in Manufacturing Survey Results Presentation