Media Usage in Manufacturing 2015 Survey Results

Annual report includes marketing strategy, survey results and buyer analysis.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Now in its fifth year, the results of our annual media survey reveal the demographic characteristics and media usage trends of today’s manufacturing technology buyer. 

In addition to the survey results, the report includes an overview of the key findings (listed below) and commentary on business-to-business marketing trends impacting companies tasked with marketing to today's industrial buyer.

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• The majority of manufacturing purchases (64%) are influenced by at least 3 people
• Nearly 70% look for products or services at least once a week

• Websites and trade magazines are the two most accessed and effective information resources for manufacturing professionals• Trade magazines remain the leading push media

• LinkedIn and YouTube continue to be the most useful social media sites for manufacturing buyers
• Social media adoption has increased for the fourth consecutive year
• Overall perception of social media as a business tool remained flat with a below average rating of 2.64

• Manufacturers are significantly more likely to select search returns featuring brands they recognize (93%) to brands they are not familiar with
• When reviewing search engine returns, manufacturing professionals favor technical articles and known brands over images, ads and videos.

• Most manufacturing technology buyers travel less than once a month (65%); nearly 20% indicated that they don’t travel at all for work
• Overall mobile adoption is relatively flat, but significant gains appear in laptop and tablet usage; primary tablet use is email

• In line with media usage reports, manufacturers that made a capital equipment purchase last year relied most heavily on trade media, supplier sites
and events
• The most influential criteria impacting a buyer’s selection of a potential vendor is technology followed closely by service and reputation
•  While registration based media ranks lower on accessibility and effectiveness, it is a primary means for buyers to reveal their purchasing interests

Read the full report (Digital PDF )