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The X-Line has an “off-road” appearance through design cues, like the exterior cladding. But it is not an “off-road” vehicle (yes, you can drive in on packed dirt), nor is there an AWD offering.
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Automotive Engineering
On the 2020 Kia Soul
Something for everyone who isn’t anyone done differently: Still distinctive after all these years.
Ophir BeamWatch AM for additive manufacturing
Ensure Laser Performance in Additive Manufacturing
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Designed to measure critical laser parameters, Ophir® BeamWatch® AM helps create consistent, strong structures by monitoring focal spot shift at startup, and spot size and power at the build plane.
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Protolabs Manufacturing Accelerated
Manufacturing. Accelerated.
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Protolabs helps remove the speed bumps created by tedious quoting times with an automated system that provides an interactive quote within hours of uploading a 3D CAD model. Upload a part today!
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Makino takes manufacturing to the next level
Makino takes manufacturing to the next level
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Wasted time and material can be eliminated with automation. In fact, it can revolutionize your manufacturing process by increasing production, improving quality, and lowering costs.
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Surface finish measurement
The SFP2 surface finish probe for the REVO® system
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The SFP2 for the REVO® system from Renishaw makes surface finish inspection an integral part of the CMM measurement procedure, automatically switching between scanning and surface finish capability.
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Bonding Batteries
One of the growing demands in electric vehicle manufacturer is producing the cells and the battery packs into which the cells are assembled. READ
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Plastics that take the heat
How to Stop or Slow Down Thermo-Oxidative Aging
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While plastic is replacing metal at an exponential rate, it must also be able to endure extreme heat while still maintaining function. See DSM’s 3-step process for reducing and preventing heat aging.
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On Mobility
Design for Mobility
While there are a tremendous amount of new mobility ideas being introduced each month now, allowing us to reimagine how people will travel in the future, there is less focus on reinventing how we will actually create this future. READ
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DMG MORI Chicago Innovation Days
DMG MORI Chicago Innovation Days 2019
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May 13th-16th, 2019 // Monday to Thursday, 9am - 5pm
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From the Blog
Carbon Fiber and Recycling
One of the key drivers for the use of carbon fiber composites is that the materials are both strong and light. READ
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The Liebherr Solution
ChamferCut - Fast. Economical. Precise.
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• Highest chamfer quality, reproducibility • Reliable process eliminates secondary operations • ChamferCut tools are easy and inexpensive to regrind approx. 20 times • Lowest tool costs
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TC Sessions Mobility
TC Sessions
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Mobility will present a day of programming with the best founders, investors and technologists who are hell-bent on inventing a future Henry Ford could have never imagined.
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CAMX 2019
Registration is now open for CAMX 2019!
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Join us in Anaheim, CA for the most comprehensive and advanced materials expo event for products, solutions, networking, and advanced industry thinking.
Registration is open for CAMX 2019 in Anaheim, CA!
Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Plastics at Amerimold 2019
June 13- 13, 2019
Rosemont, IL
CAMX 2019 - September 23- 26, 2019
Anaheim, CA
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6915 Va‌lley Ave‌nue Cinci‌nnati, OH 45‌244 
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