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Chief engineer Yoshikazu Saeki and the fifth-generation RAV4. The RAV4 created the compact SUV segment in the U.S. back in 1996 (it was launched in Japan in 1994), a segment that has nothing but grow. In 2017 the RAV4 had more sales than any vehicle in the U.S. that wasn’t a pickup truck. Consequently, this vehicle is arguably more important to Toyota than even the Camry
Automotive Engineering
Developing the 2019 Toyota RAV4
Outside of a pickup truck, there is no vehicle that’s sold in greater units than the Toyota RAV4. So when they developed the new generation, they had a whole lot to consider.
ChamferCut - Fast. Economical. Precise.
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• Highest chamfer quality, reproducibility • Reliable process eliminates secondary operations • ChamferCut tools are easy and inexpensive to regrind approx. 20 times • Lowest tool costs
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Renishaw high performance
High performance styli
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Renishaw offers a comprehensive range of precision-engineered styli and stylus accessories. Picking the right stylus for scanning and digitizing parts on CMMs and machine tools is crucial.
Need custom prototypes
This is Digital Manufacturing
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Our digital manufacturing services and massive in-house scale can deliver prototype and low-volume production parts in as fast as 1 day.
DSM Advancing Future Mobility
Advancing Future Mobility through Lightweighting
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DSM Engineering Plastics partners with the world’s leading automakers to design, engineer and test next-generation lightweight material solutions. This is what the future looks like.
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To 3D Print Copper, Green Means Go
Trumpf’s new process opens up new possibilities for 3D printing in the electronics and automotive industries. READ
A quest for speed
A Quest for Speed Without Compromise
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Makino’s revolutionary ROI design concept is the backbone for the a500Z’s unique kinematic layout. Your result? Increased productivity. Increased Throughput. Increase Profit.
On Mobility
From Selling Cars to Selling Land
While this is a subject that I don’t ordinary address, something else in the automotive industry is likely to undergo a huge change as a result of disruptions in the automotive ecosystem: the car dealership. READ
Where Finishing Connects
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SUR/FIN is the event for the finishing industry. You’ll connect with peers and experts, take part in world class education during the conference, and see the latest technology and products in the show floor.
From the Blog
Lambo Embraces Carbon (The Company, not the Element)
“Through our extensive procurement research, we found that many of our vehicle components were ideal candidates for digital manufacturing,” said Stefan Gramse, chief procurement officer of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. “Digital manufacturing” as in additive. READ
ProMat 2019 - April 08- 11, 2019
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Automotive Design & Production
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