PROMAT in Chicago
Presented By: Material Handling Industry of America
MMS Extra
The BMW Vision iNEXT Concept. The real-thing—a Level 3-capable electric vehicle—is coming in 2021.
About Autonomy: Three Views
Yes, there will be more autonomous technology coming at an ever-increasing rate. Which means all the more considerations must be taken into account.
DSM Advancing Future Mobility
Advancing Future Mobility through Lightweighting
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DSM Engineering Plastics partners with the world’s leading automakers to design, engineer and test next-generation lightweight material solutions. This is what the future looks like.
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Kuka Robotics
Mobile Robotics: Huge Potential to Double ROI
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Most factories still use robots that are bolted to the floor, but with advances in mobile and collaborative technologies the newest breed of robots can navigate factory environments and safely work in close proximity with humans.
Weld Monitoring: Insight – Quality – Control
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Resistance spot welding monitors and checkers like AMADA MIYACHI’s new MM-400A measure the electrical and mechanical aspects of the welding process; they analyze weld quality enabling the user to make adjustments and improvements resulting in insight, process stability, quality, and, ultimately, improved yields.
14th International Automotive Seating Conference
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Would you like to meet the leading seat manufacturers and designers as well as the most forward-thinking OEM's? Discuss the latest developments for autonomous driving seats and learn how sensors are used to create driver comfort and health monitoring. Join our 14th edition of the International Innovative Seating Conference from 18 to 21 February 2019,.
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3D Printing Comes to Titanium Wheel Production
The HRE3D+ wheel produced by HRE Performance Wheels and GE Additive is billed as the first 3D-printed titanium wheel. READ
Where Finishing Connects
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SUR/FIN is the event for the finishing industry. You’ll connect with peers and experts, take part in world class education during the conference, and see the latest technology and products in the show floor.
On Mobility
Larry Burns & Opportunities Lost
It's unfortunate that more automotive/mobility innovation didn’t make it to the street while Burns was at GM. General Motors could have been Tesla before that company became what it has. READ
From the Blog
The New Explorer & Everything That’s Old Is. . .
As we await the sixth-generation 2020 Ford Explorer, it is interesting to note how there are some things coincident with its past and today. 2020 Ford Explorer The first two generations of the vehicle, which was launched in 1990, were based on the Ford Ranger platform. 2019 Ford Ranger The Ranger went out of production at the end of 2011. READ
Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Plastics at Amerimold 2019
June 13- 13, 2019
Rosemont, IL
Automotive Design & Production
6915 Va‌lley Ave‌nue Cinci‌nnati, OH 45‌244
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