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Singapore Teams People and Tech in Smart Nation Initiatives

Thanks to strong government support, Singapore has become a leader in the development, testing and implementation of self-driving vehicles, ride-sharing, mobility-as-a-service and a host of smart city initiatives. And the  city-state already is moving ahead with the next phase of its “Smart Nation” plan that promises to more actively engage citizens to help improve their daily lives.    READ
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Introducing Compass from LMC Automotive
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Compass, LMC's interactive data analytics tool, allows you to visualize, analyze and customize data in impactful ways. Focused, smart, responsive and flexible – Compass brings the LMC forecast to life.
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Dan Sturges
Design for Mobility
While there are a tremendous amount of new mobility ideas being introduced each month now, allowing us to reimagine how people will travel in the future, there is less focus on reinventing how we will actually create this future. READ
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EY what you create today going to move tomorrow?
EY and the Future of mobility
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Read our insights to learn how you can innovate with the agility and speed needed to compete with the industry’s new entrants who are out to grab your market share.
Uber’s Self-Driving Tech Unit Worth $7.3 Billion?   READ
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Volvo to Standardize V2V Tech in Europe   READ
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Nio Plans Mobile EV Battery Charging Service   READ
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Audi Unveils Autonomous, Connected Concept Car   READ
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Chinese Startup Partners with Pininfarina on Fuel Cell Concept   READ
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Steel Market Development Institute
The Future of Mobility is Stronger with Steel
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With the advent of new forms of mobility, automakers are racing to meet current and future needs. Steel provides numerous benefits for new technology and future mobility.
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We are shaping mobility for tomorrow.
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We develop components and systems for internal combustion engines as well as advanced technologies for hybrid vehicles and alternative drives. The challenges are great. We deliver the solutions.
Explore the future today.
TC Sessions - Mobility
TC Sessions - Mobility 2019
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Mobility will present a day of programming with the best founders, investors and technologists who are hell-bent on inventing a future Henry Ford could have never imagined.
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