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Rage Against the Machine

There have been more than 20 reported attacks against Waymo’s self-driving fleet in Chandler, Ariz., since the company began testing the technology on public roads there two years ago. The incidents range from people yelling and standing in front of vehicles to prevent them from moving to throwing rocks, slashing tires, brandishing guns and other weapons, and driving head-on toward the specially equipped Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivans. READ
Hella - passion for clean mobility
HELLA - Passion for Clean Mobility
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Companies like HELLA are shaping mobility of the future with energy management systems and thermal management solutions that make eco-friendly driving even better and more economical.
Dan Sturges
Larry Burns & Opportunities Lost
It's unfortunate that more automotive/mobility innovation didn’t make it to the street while Burns was at GM. General Motors could have been Tesla before that company became what it has. READ
Introducing Compass from LMC Automotive
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Compass, LMC's interactive data analytics tool, allows you to visualize, analyze and customize data in impactful ways. Focused, smart, responsive and flexible – Compass brings the LMC forecast to life.
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Ford Shuts Down Chariot On-Demand Van Service   READ
ZF Venture Signs Deal to Supply Automated Electric Shuttles   READ
Bell Unveils Flying Taxi   READ
Schaeffler Pedals Up Urban Mobility Vehicle   READ
GM’s Cruise Unit in No Rush for IPO   READ
Ford Aims to Launch V2X Tech in 2022   READ
ZF makes vehicles see, think and act.
ZF makes vehicles see, think and act.
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ZF links environmental sensors, like camera & radar (see) with electronic control units in vehicles (think). Mechatronics in the driveline, chassis & steering system then puts the data into actions (act).
EY Tesseract
EY Tesseract: advancing the future of mobility
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Learn about Tesseract, EY’s blockchain-based mobility platform that will lay the groundwork for how autonomous fleets can be owned in the future.
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