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Posted by: Steven Kline, Jr. 14. December 2016

Durable Goods Production Growing Faster Last Three Months

(Positive) The durable goods industrial production index was 106.4 in November 2016. In October, the index grew 0.8 percent compared with one year ago. That was the sixth month in a row and the seventh time in eight months that the index grew. While the rates of change generally have been small, the rate of growth has accelerated somewhat the last three months. The annual rate of growth accelerated for the third month in a row. Even though the rate of growth, 0.4 percent, was still quite low, it was the fastest rate of annual growth since December 2015.

We track industrial production and its leading indicators for a number of industries. Click on the links below to see how each industry is faring.

Accelerating Growth: appliances, construction materials, durable goods, electronics/computers/telecommunications, food/beverage, hardware, HVAC, medical, textiles/clothing/leather goods

Decelerating Growth: automotive, furniture, petrochemical processors

Accelerating Contraction: custom processors, plastic/rubber products, printing, ship/boat building, 

Decelerating Contraction: aerospace, forming/fabricating (non-auto), industrial motors/hydraulics/mechanical components, machinery/equipment, metalcutting job shops, military, off-road/construction machinery, oil/gas-field/mining machinery, power generation, primary metals, pumps/valves/plumbing, wood/paper

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