Autonomy & Mobility Awards announced by Automotive Design & Production

Monday, November 23, 2015

Automotive Design & Production is announcing the creation of the “Autonomy & Mobility” awards, which will be presented to automakers, suppliers, and other key actors for the development of autonomous vehicles, systems, infrastructure, and related facilitators.

According to Automotive Design & Production publisher Mike Vohland, “The automotive landscape is undergoing a profound transformation as the ways and means for not only self-driving vehicles are being developed, by a networked infrastructure is being created so that people can get from here to there through a multi-modal system.  We want to recognize those key companies and actors in this space that are making this happen with the Autonomy & Mobility awards.”

The Autonomy & Mobility awards will be presented in Detroit in Q2, 2016.

Automotive Design & Production is produced by Gardner Business Media (Cincinnati; which also has numerous other publications and programs including AutoBeat Daily.

For additional information: Mike Vohland, 513.338.2183