Gardner Business Media, Inc. is an 80+-year-old, successful, family owned and operated small business. Currently employed at Cincinnati HQ are more than three-dozen employees who have 20+ years on staff. We practice an open-book and open-door policy. Have a question? Ask someone; they will either answer or point you in the right direction. Gardner values personality and intellect just as much as one’s talent and skillset. Across all the work groups, Gardner peeps are genuine, down-to-earth, and given the situation, quick to share in a good laugh. Yes, we work hard, but also we know how to be accommodating, generous and ultimately have fun. We take our industries, our markets, our jobs and our brands seriously. When the work and deadlines have been met, we will come together celebrating our collective efforts as a premier B2B media company.

Open Positions:

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Audience Database Associate

Audience Development Director