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Friday, April 19, 2013

Be a Good Social Media Citizen During Disasters

This has been a tough week in America. The events at the Boston Marathon and at the fertilizer plant in Texas have touched each of us directly or indirectly. We all send healing thoughts to those impacted by these horrific events.

In spite of these tragedies, life and business go on. We need to tread carefully during crisis events – especially in the fast-paced realm of social media. A recent article from gives some excellent guidelines on how to be a good social media citizen during these times.

Some of their top tips:

  • Share Only Relevant Credible Information
  • Tag Photos & Videos if they Show Graphic Content
  • Don't Trust One News Source for the Truth
  • Turn Off Social Media Auto Post

The full article is available at

Social media is a powerful tool and helped many during these crisis events this week.  And we know that social media is a powerful B-to-B marketing tool. Used respectfully, social media will continue to serve marketers well for years to come.


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