Media Use In Manufacturing Survey

Friday, August 03, 2012

Gardner Research's second "Media Usage in Manufacturing Facilities" study provides comprehensive survey profiles today's manufacturing professional; reveals the types of information they use and examines the media channels they are using to find that information.

Based on a survey sample of nearly 2,000 executives and production managers mainly serving durable goods industries, Gardner Research's Media Usage Survey profiles today's manufacturing professionals and delivers compelling insights into how those professionals are using multiple media channels to gather information.

The survey finds that technology buyers still use many media channels, and often. Little has changed in our Media Usage Survey this year other than an expected increase in use of smart phones and tablet computers. Otherwise, nearly 90% of manufacturing professionals still use trade magazines, search engines and industry websites to acquire information on products, processes and best practices. And there is also considerable use of other channels, such as Trade Shows (64%), e-Newsletters (55%), Industry Forums (47%), Webinars (37%), Social Media (24%), and Blogs (19%).

The survey group of 3,121 respondents was mainly comprised of managers and engineers serving durable goods manufacturing industries. The survey was open from November 1 to December 5, 2011. Nearly 80% of the survey group indicated they are directly involved in the purchase of manufacturing equipment, software or tooling.

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